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Safebot2 PRO3 Auto EA – Unlimited Download

Safebot2 PRO3 Auto EA

Safebot2 PRO3 EA Description

Reliability: A professional robot tested in battle, Safebot2, is in a position to extend and protect your capital, because it has been doing for us and our customers for the third year in a row.

Simplicity and profitability: Simple and intuitive to use, even schoolchildren and housewives are going to be ready to master, the SafeBot2 robot shows a yield of three to 150% per month!

Versatility Safebot2 will allow you to earn money in any market, be it currencies, CFDs, metals, cryptocurrencies and other tools!

Predictability Safebot2 is that the only trading robot that even before trading allows you to check possible profits, drawdowns and make an informed decision!

Flexibility: Safebot2 gives you the chance to settle on a tool to figure with rock bottom risks and optimal profitability. And the lack of requirements for the minimum deposit size allows you to use the robot on any accounts.

Full control of the situation: Safebot2 will independently calculate the lot size according to your risk parameters, open a deal, set take profit, stop loss. Closes a trade in profit, tightens stops, limits losses!

Variability: You can use the Safebot2 robot in conjunction with any trading system, thereby increasing its profitability two or more times. The built-in capital protection mechanism gives confidence in the safety of the deposit.

Simple and profitable auto trading tactics

Even beginners can quickly master the robot and begin making money with it, because it’s quite simple to work out the trend direction on the specified time-frame . Further, the robot will do everything by itself – it’ll find the optimal entry points, solve the rollback problem, accompany profitable trades, and clear the loss in plus. It will open deals exactly when it will be the best.

The only robot that builds trends as a person

You are a beginner and do not know what the trend is? Not a problem, the robot will draw a trend channel for you and recommend the desired direction for trading. All that remains for you is to click on the “Start” button.

You can configure for any trading system

If you are used to trading manually, but you don’t have enough emotional stability to accompany your transactions, entrust the Safe bot 2 robot to your trading system. Yes, you heard right. The robot is universal and can be flexibly configured for any strategy (both trend and flat).

Expert Advisor Recommendation

  • Account Lavarage 1:500
  • Min Deposit : 100USD
  • TF M15
  • Trading Hours : 24/7
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Customer Review

All-in-one Tool for Forex Trading. integrates different Forex EAs and Indicators to give you the best experience to manage your Trading. LifeTime offer with Onetime Payment, makes the whole process easy. I get all the Updated Premium Forex Robot & Indicator without any hassle.
Zeni Thompson

Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

- Christopher Robin

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